Ricky D's
Rib Shack

Don't Bite Ya Fingers

Catering with Ricky D's Rib Shack

On-Site Catering Menu

Choose whichever package you’d like to go with. We arrive onsite with our smoker and everything needed to finish preparing the food. All orders come with buns, bbq sauce and serving utensils.

Package #1 (Choose 1 meat, 2 sides)

$20/person (50 person min)

Package #2 (Choose 2 meats, 3 sides)

$22/person (50 person min)

Package #3 (Choose 3 meats, 3 sides)

$24/person (50 person min)

Package #4 (Choose 4 meats, 4 sides)

$28/person (50 person min)

Pig Roast

Can smoke up to 250lb pig seasoned with our house dry rub

Pig Roast

$22/person (plus the cost of the pig) 50 Person minimum

*Other Meat and Sides available upon request

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